When I first talked to you on the phone a year ago to decide if we should meet, you said something about how this college thing can really be, at its best, a kind of maturation/self-awareness experience.  This struck me as so much in line with my own feeling…and I’m so happy that Lev did have that kind of time.  Besides helping Lev make a terrific, personal application that really helped him know and show himself, I really felt you were a smart partner to me.  What an interesting time!
– L. Novak, Newton, Mass.

You were generous, gracious, patient and reassuring- with encouragement and confidence.  Your expertise, talent and intelligence are ever so appreciated.  Most of all, though, we marveled and benefited from your ability to apprehend and honor Natasha’s essence. You are wonderful at your work, and so kind.  Thank you again, so very much.
– E. S., Newton, Mass.

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for the excellent work you have done for both of our sons.  They each got into their first choice schools – Stanford and Vanderbilt – a reach in both cases, but a perfect fit for each.  And we couldn’t have asked for better universities.  I really feel the successful outcomes would not have been possible without your organization, guidance and perseverance.  Your work has shaped their lives in a very positive way.  Whatever successes they have in the future have been made possible by your efforts.  Needless to say, I would be more than happy to speak with any potential clients in the future about your skills.  I am your biggest fan. I am grateful beyond measure.
– Dr. D. Roth, Weston, Mass.

Krishna and I would like to thank you for all the guidance and support extended to D. during her applications and well after. We are so happy to have been introduced to such a dedicated and supportive person as you.  Dakshina told her grandparents over Christmas that it was a blessing to have met you. We agree. I wish you and your loved ones a wonderful and very happy year 2015.
– Lola Chetti, Kuala Lumpur, Maylasia

We continue to be grateful for your expertise which has resulted in our sons getting into their first choice, and first-rate, universities, and has opened up endless possibilities for the rest of their lives. You should feel good about your work and your influence on young lives. We were very happy not only with the result but the process. You not only helped Duncan get into college, but helped him learn about himself and mature along the way, and we appreciate your effort and support.
– L. Fraser, Wellesley, Mass.

Rochelle, You are not just a college counselor. You are our mental consultant. Every time we leave your office, we take back so much inspiration, confidence and a positive attitude.
– K. Balachundhar, Lexington, Mass.

You have been so wonderful to our family and such an unbelievable help to my children and to me.
– K. and H. Rubash, Weston, Mass.

I am so excited and proud.  Chris is very happy for going to Princeton. We are very happy with the results and the process, and your guidance and help was instrumental.  We are very impressed with your diligence as well as your experience in depth.  All the way we knew Chris is in good hands.  I will definitely recommend you if my friends need help for their children.  I know you have heard this hundreds of time from the students and their parents you have tutored.  But please allow us to say this simple word to you with all our sincere hearts:  Thank you again for your help.
Best regards,
– Sarah Zeng, Bejing, China

Rochelle is a superb consultant. Not only did our daughter get into the school of her choice, but she also learned some very valuable lessons about how to approach the entire admissions process and essentially how to organize her life to get through the process without going crazy.
– K. Nelson, Lexington, Mass.

The approach that Rochelle has toward the college process is incredible; it is a very individualized and white glove experience. With Rochelle’s guidance, my daughter was able to put together a fine-tuned and authentic application. Rochelle guided her as to what was most important to convey and how to most effectively present her strengths. With Rochelle’s guidance, my daughter worked hard on her many applications, finishing them all way before the deadlines. It was a very satisfying experience from start to finish, and my daughter was admitted to her first choice- an east coast Ivy League school. I suspect we would not have had this amount of success without Rochelle’s guidance and input. My only regret is that I didn’t discover her earlier so I could have used her with all of my children, and not just with my last child.
– R. Rocha, St. Helena, California

Ms. Lurie was warm, encouraging, sympathetic, and ultimately inspiring to my daughter.  She was thorough, organized and certainly had a grasp of the admissions process.  She was able to walk my daughter through this difficult process and help alleviate the stress that invariably accompanies it.  Ms. Lurie was always there for my daughter. Even at the end, when my daughter had strong mixed emotions about two schools, Ms. Lurie counseled her through a very difficult decision.
– Al DeNapoli, Walpole, Mass.

How can we thank you enough for being our guide through this “fantastic voyage” of discovery that is college admissions times two! Your patience, humor, and expertise got us through it all- and helped save the mother-child(ren) relationship throughout.  From our first meeting with you, the kids trusted and respected you and because of that, they looked forward to their meetings with you.  Even when they were tired and stressed out they would come away from those meetings feeling better.  For me, you were always a tremendous source of comfort.   I could be sure that if I had questions or concerns I could bounce them off you and get some common sense in return.  You really helped me “dial down” the anxiety on many occasions, and I’m so grateful. I know we could have gotten through this process on our own, but your help made it all so much more manageable and at times even fun!
– K. Miller, Newton, Mass.

There were times when my brother and I were really cranky and/or lazy, but you were always sooo patient and you always made sure we got our work done!  You have also taught me so much about my writing and about how to be concise. . . .not to mention you’ve taught me the importance of double-checking everything.  So thanks again- you really are superwoman.
– K. Lasell, Newton, Mass.

I had an amazing time coming to see you every week this past year and I appreciate all the help you gave me.  I wouldn’t have gotten anything done as well or as quickly without you nor stayed as sane.  I learned some amazing life lessons from you as well, and they’ll always stay with me.
– S. Bleicher, Newton, Mass.

I would like to thank you for your dedication as a counselor.  Your commitment to my success, professional attitude and charisma are qualities that I will always remember about you.  It was a comfort to know that you would be here for me if I needed advice, even if it was at 12 AM. I truly appreciate the effort you put into my college process, and I quickly found that as daunting as it seemed, you would be there to guide me.
– S. Holway, Lincoln, Mass.

Thanks so much for being James’ counselor; it was a truly invaluable process and journey for James.  During this process, James was forced to think who he really is and to discover and develop himself in all areas (career, social, being a good student, path to the future, etc.)  James definitely has become more mature and now has the sense as to what he may want to do (although there is no guarantee he won’t change his mind).  We are very grateful that you and James work so well, that he could communicate with you freely, openly and deeply.  No matter what the outcome will be, we think James is quite ready to take on the challenge in his college life and we are sure that your professionalism, passion and loving heart will be in James’ memory for many years to come.
– K. He, Weston, Mass.

Thank you so much for helping Margaret with this difficult process.  You made everything so clear and manageable and relieved so much stress.
– F. Kelly, W. Roxbury, Mass.

We want to thank you again for your help.  You were able to get our son to talk when we failed, and you were able to see the good in him when we were discouraged.  Thank you.
– K.R., Weston, Mass.

We can’t thank you enough for your invaluable help this past year.  You are truly an amazing, wonderful, patient person! Your support is what got us all through what could have been an agonizing time.  Instead, this turned out to be a really wonderful experience for all of us.  We are so grateful. We will see you in three short years with our next child.
– K. Mullen, Newton, Mass.

Although no news is good news since the last time we spoke, I want to thank you for all your help.  I’m sure because of you he will be accepted to a great college.  I want you to know now our appreciation and not later, or just because he got into a good school.  It wasn’t easy, but it was so nice to have someone other than myself concerned about my son’s future.  I know you truly cared and to me that meant everything.  So, I will let you know the fruits of our labor when the letters come. But despite what happens, I am grateful for knowing you.
– B. Clancy, Newton, Mass.

Thank you for all your help this year.  You kept  Leah, our daughter, very focused and made this a very manageable task, with a successful result!
– H. Greene, Newton Mass.

It feels good to have our son’s application submitted to his early decision school- and a very fine package it was!  Now we shall wait and see.  I do feel that he presented as convincing and complete a picture of himself as he possibly could.  Thank you for making it all happen.
– L.R., Newton, Mass.

As we are not ones to rest on our laurels around here and as our next daughter has already put together quite a diverse list of possible school visits, we would like to engage your services once again.  Thanks ever so much,
Your fan,
– M. McHugh, Sherborn, Mass.

With boy-girl twins we faced college application nightmares times two. Working with Rochelle brought sanity, and even pleasure to the process! Rochelle brought great skill and sensitivity to her sessions with both of my children, immediately winning their respect and confidence. Rochelle was able to zero in on each of my children’s strengths and hopes, while helping to provide structure to assist them in the process of managing their time and reaching their goals. Our experience of working with Rochelle Lurie was positive from start to finish!
– Katharine Miller, Newton Mass.

Dear Rochelle, Thank you for your unconditional support. It was wonderful working with you and I got into my first choice college!
– L.G., Newton, Mass.

I want to share my tears of joy with you. . . .Luke got into Stanford for next fall.. . .thank you for all your love and support.
– B.T., Weston, Mass.

Dear Rochelle,  Joe and I were so happy to have Elizabeth in your hands. You changed her, helped her to feel confident, and kept her at task! It was a very good process. Thank you for all your support and love.
– D. and J. Robbat, Lincoln, Mass.

Rochelle, Thank you for all of your great work.  I feel that it has been such a successful fit.
– T. M., Lincoln, Mass.

Dear Rochelle,  Our son LOVED working with you and the entire process couldn’t have been any more enjoyable.  Please let us know if we can help your business in any way.  We think the world of you.
– Marcia G., Weston, Mass.

Our family has worked with Rochelle since 2008.  In fact, all 3 of our children have benefited from her expertise, her comprehensive approach to what can be a daunting college process, and her ability to keep the students organized, on task, and extremely well-prepared for each and every college application.  We HIGHLY recommend her in every way!  And as for the kids, now a junior at Brown, a freshman at Yale, and a recently accepted candidate to Vanderbilt, they couldn’t be more thrilled!
– K. McHugh, Wellesley, Mass.

I wanted to update you about some amazing acceptances I have received from medical schools. I got into Tufts, UMass, and UVM over the past few weeks and could not be more excited! I am so thankful for everything that you did for me throughout the process. I will have to call you when I make my final decision. I was offered interviews at amazing schools including Cornell, Dartmouth, and Hopkins, but declined them since I had already gotten into Tufts! You really must have helped me create an amazing application!  Thanks again for everything and I will be in touch!
– J.G., Weston, Mass.

We loved working with Rochelle. She kept my son on track and made sure that only his authentic voice came through in every essay. Fortunately, my son got into his early decision choice, but just knowing that all the other applications were complete and ready to go, made the whole waiting period so much less stressful. We would recommend her without hesitation.
– L. Lewtan, Weston, Mass.

Thank you so, so much for all your help and support throughout this process! You have made it painless and fun for me.
– S. Raby, Newton, Mass.

Rochelle’s most important role and one that we didn’t realize that we were getting when we hired her was her “guidance/life counselor role.” Starting in the latter part of his junior year, we started seeing a newly matured and engaged son who completely changed his attitude towards his coursework and towards his outside activities, including his volunteer work. Something about his long conversations with Rochelle got him to see things differently and what emerged was a completely changed child, one that was now a young man ready to deal with the application process, a tougher workload in his senior year and ultimately college. He looked forward to his visits with her and we felt what we and he got from her couldn’t be valued in dollars. Some children don’t need this, but I am sure she is able to draw the best out of each person she works with.
– S. Elkind, Newton, Mass.

Coming from India, I was woefully ignorant about how American colleges work and the admission process. When I started working with Rochelle via Skype, I was at the beginning of my senior year with no plans in place.  Rochelle managed to somehow get me organized.  I learned a lot about checking for clarity and relevance in my essays through editing and revising, and I am now a better writer. I was admitted to my first choice college, and I could not be more grateful!
– S. Venugopal, New Delhi, India

Rochelle Lurie is outstanding – outstanding – and has worked with both of our kids. I don’t look at her as a college advisor; I look at her as life support.
– Jonathan D., Newton, Mass.

We have all been so caught up in the moment that I am not sure anyone has thanked you! Your expertise, guidance and encouragement have been invaluable, and I know that my son feels the same way. You have a gift! We will be in touch when our next child is ready… about one year or so! Thanks again and hope you enjoy some time off with friends and family.
– L.C., Newton, Mass.

I just submitted my application to Stanford, my final school! I can’t thank you enough for all of your help throughout this process. You have been there for me through thick and thin, at all hours of the day and night. I couldn’t have done this without you! I have learned a lot about myself and my learning style throughout this process, which is shown by the fact that it only took me three days to finish BU, Columbia, UPenn, and Stanford, when it took me weeks to do U Michigan alone. I really appreciate all of the advice and help you have given me, and I’ll be sure to take my Mom somewhere special this weekend, as well.
– D.W., Lincoln, Mass.

Jack and I wanted to thank you for your work with L. on her college application process.  Everything went smoothly and successfully! Your never-ending support for L., positive attitude, advice, organization and attention to detail contributed greatly to her fantastic results.
– L.B.Welch. and J.Welch, Weston, Mass.

You’re so much more than the results– hands down, I couldn’t have done this without you– you provided the strategy, a sounding board that I trusted. That’s it, really, that’s what it boils down to: the trust. You are truly invested in your students.
– Kara L., Concord, Mass.

When I first embarked on my college application journey, I was only equipped with a list of my dream colleges and an ambition to apply, and ultimately enroll in one of them. As an international student, I felt doubly overwhelmed by the profusion of essays, paragraphs and questionnaires I had to complete, the bulk of which I wasn’t quite sure how to approach. You were absolutely brilliant—and indispensable—in helping me navigate the application process. You helped me craft clear, expressive essays, sitting through what seemed like countless Skype sessions to assist me in editing and re-editing my work. You were always determined to bring the best out of me, and to ensure this was reflected in all my applications. I am now off to Columbia University (the school of my dreams!) and it is in great part thanks to you—I am so grateful for your sustained commitment to aiding me in achieving my dreams.
– D. Chetti, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Working with Rochelle was a true pleasure from start to finish.  She has a wealth of knowledge about schools, and  quickly got to know and understand our son in a way that enabled her to focus us on the colleges and universities that would be the best fit for him.  She has a knack for motivating the kids to stay on a well-designed schedule that avoids last minute “rushes” without coming across as a taskmaster – quite a skill, I think, when dealing with busy high schoolers.  And her prior experience as a professional editor really comes in handy at essay writing time!  My husband and I felt that she really partnered well with us in helping our son, but I had  the impression that if we had preferred to take a more hands off approach, she would have been fine with that as well, and would have been equally effective in that approach.  She is warm, caring, very professional, and highly skilled at her job.  In short, she was just what we were looking for, and we would highly recommend her to anyone seeking a top-notch college counselor.
– Jane M., Sherborn, Mass.

Rochelle deciphered the whole college admission process for us.  Living in India and deciding rather late to apply to U.S. colleges, we were completely stressed and in the dark. Rochelle guided, encouraged and supported our son, step by step, through it all.  Our son trusted Rochelle immediately and enjoyed working with her.  By the end of the process, not only did he gain admission to his dream college, but he gained in confidence and managed to avoid most of the stress that is a huge part of the senior year. As parents, we were very happy that we could completely hand over the stress of the application process to Rochelle.  We could not have done it without her!
– Suchitra Menon, New Delhi, India

We live five hours away from Boston, so Rochelle Skyped with our son and us weekly and, at times, more frequently. She is extremely knowledgeable, not only about the admissions process, but about the universities themselves. She is very organized, managed my son’s application workload and expectations by keeping him on track on a weekly basis, and made sure his applications were completed long before the deadlines. My son applied to 12 top universities and was admitted early decision to his first choice.

Rochelle offers a level of detail and commitment that is extremely rare. A hugely important intangible is that she really cares. She wants you to succeed for you. Rochelle built a wonderful relationship with us and with our son, and because of that relationship, our son worked even harder to produce excellent applications and essays. She worked in detail, reviewing every period, comma and word that our son wrote. She was truly worth every penny. We now look forward to engaging Rochelle for our daughter, who is approaching the end of her freshman year. We are very fortunate to have found Rochelle.
– J. Feinberg, Vestal, N.Y.

Without your help, I would have been lost in the application process.  You helped me put together multiple applications that were all great.   You saw the talent in me that my guidance counselor would have glanced over, and you helped me reveal that talent while applying. I cannot thank you enough for that.
– W. Valle, Wellesley, Mass.

Rochelle was a big part of the reason our son was accepted into his #1 choice college, Washington University, early decision. She is incredibly patient, kind and always finds a way to calm stress. She never made us feel rushed, met with my son via Skype or in person once or twice a week for many months, and was extremely devoted to helping him succeed. She is the best present I have ever given myself and my son. We are incredibly grateful to her.
– Sonia Friedman, West Roxbury, MA

I want to say a big thank you to you for helping all of us get through the college application and acceptance process. We wouldn’t have been able to do it without you. You have this unusual ability to see deep into the heart and mind of each child, and help them see deep into themselves so that they can imagine their futures.
– Dorit Harverd, Newton, MA

Maybe it’s just the college essay genre specifically, but I think my writing skills have gotten so much better over these past few months of working with you. Thank you!
– Max I., Marbella, Spain

Rochelle, Your coaching and mentoring has really made a difference.  Not only has Gigi accomplished her goal of acceptance into the MHC community, but she’s also benefited from your kind and persuasive approach.  It brings out the best in her! We are lucky to have you in our lives.
– Catherine M., Newton, MA