I am an experienced college consultant who knows college admissions from the inside.  I have worked in admissions at  both Harvard and MIT, have read thousands of applications, interviewed over a thousand applicants, and participated in admissions committee meetings and decisions at both institutions.  I know what colleges are looking for and how to help your student effectively crystallize his or her strengths and unique qualities in an application.

I offer students a unique constellation of skills and experience. I hold a B.A. in French Literature from Vassar College and an Ed.M. from Harvard University.  In addition to my years as a college admissions officer, I also have had a career as a literary agent- helping authors develop their ideas for books, guiding them through the process of expanding their ideas, and editing their manuscripts.  My dual background as a college admissions officer and a professional editor makes me well-suited to assist students with college essays and college applications.  I help students maximize their impact at every step of the application process, including:

  • Discussions regarding high school record, educational and extracurricular issues and course selection
  • Development of initial college list and refinement of final college list uniquely suited to the student
  • Assistance with applications, essays and extra-curricular resume, focusing on strengths and talents
  • Advice and planning regarding college admissions testing, recommendations, etc.
  • Interview preparation
  • Discussion of  application strategies involving early decision/early action and rolling admission
  • Assistance in keeping the student organized and on task
  • Taking stress off the parent/student relationship during the college  process
  • Procedures to follow if deferred or wait-listed
  • Assistance with decision-making regarding final college choice

My students come from both public and private schools, and represent a broad swath of interests and academic abilities.  I also assist students with admissions applications and essays for graduate school and MBA programs, medical school and law school.